About us

The Sydney Arts Management Advisory Group (SAMAG) offers an annual program of events to share practical, inspiring and innovative ideas to grow an inclusive and resilient arts sector. Our monthly events are designed as professional development for artists and arts workers and encourage knowledge sharing across the sector.

Formed in 1992, SAMAG started as a group of business people who wanted to contribute their skills to support practicing artists by offering practical seminars. We have evolved over 25 years to serve the arts sector in all its forms and support all those who work in it, from practicing artists to arts managers and Executive leadership.

SAMAG is run by a volunteer Committee that is supported by a part-time Coordinator.

Our values

Our values reflect our strengths and collective motivations for being part of SAMAG. We wish to see our audiences reflect these values in how they engage with others at SAMAG events and in online discussion. These values got us to where we are today and with continued application, will help us achieve our future aspirations.

  • Aspirational: We believe in the power of the arts and the individual and collective impact it has on us all. We have high hopes for its future as well as our role within it. To this end, we look to challenge big issues, spark conversation and give ideas a platform.
  • Collaborative: We share ideas openly and accessibly to provide the best opportunity for good ideas and good people to succeed.
  • Inclusive: We positively support and make connections across art forms and seek to broaden the sector by focussing on ideas that build, grow and bring out the best in us. We consider the value we can bring to all audiences, including those not in the room.
  • Committed: We’ve been around for 25 years. When we start something, we stick with it. We’ve leaned in during tough times and continue to be passionate believers in the value of the arts.
  • Nimble: We are a small organisation that punches above our weight, seeking to be responsive to the arts sector as new needs, opportunities and challenges arise.