Joining the SAMAG committee

For those with an interest in joining the committee, we ask first that you send a copy of your CV to info(at) and also answer two brief questions, that will give the current committee an idea of your skills and how you could contribute.

The questions are:

1. What will you personally gain from being part of the SAMAG Committee?

2. What will the SAMAG Committee gain from you being part of the group?

These are reviewed and then our current chair, Adrian Burnett will reach out to you.

Commitment for the committee varies depending on the projects you are working on, but generally, the 10 events during the year are shared across the committee and we meet monthly on a Friday Morning from 8-9.30am  (currently via zoom) as a minimum.  We also meet once a year in person for a strategy day to plan the coming year, this is usually a Saturday in October.