Eugenie Lee

Eugenie Lee is a Sydney-based, Korean-Australian interdisciplinary artist with a conceptual focus on her lived experience with persistent pain. Experimentation and collaboration with pain scientists and researchers, who investigate ways in which technologies can assist in pain research, are an important conceptual underpinning for her interdisciplinary art practice which includes participatory performances using technologies, installations, sculptures and paintings. By appropriating the latest scientific concepts, and lab materials including VR and electronics, and reconfiguring them for non-therapeutic uses, Lee creates holistic pain experiences (socio-psycho-bio) as creative outcomes. She works closely with researchers and follows their protocols and ethics notwithstanding using their techniques in ways they were not originally designed for. Her residencies with Body In Mind at UniSA, and Centre for Pain IMPACT at Neuroscience of Research Australia (NeuRA) were a major stimulus to her artistic development and collaborations across art, science and technology. Eugenie’s notable curatorial exhibitions include the Big Anxiety Festival at UNSW, the inaugural show MOD.IFY: It’s not what you know, together with Prof Lorimer Moseley and BIM team at Museum Of Discovery (MOD.) in South Australia, and the touring exhibition The Patient: The Medical Subject in Contemporary. Eugenie is a recipient of major grants and residency awards in Australia. She is a member of the Global Alliance of Pain Patient Advocate Task Force (GAPPA) for IASP.