Hahna Busch

Hahna Busch, Left Bank Co. Senior Strategist

Hahna’s career journey saw her start out as a creative practitioner, but instead she found greater satisfaction working within higher-level strategic contexts to establish the conditions for creativity to thrive. Building on her cultural management experience, a foray into urban strategy opened up an avenue for Hahna to focus her energy towards making an impact on the way creativity and culture, and the people within the sector, are recognised as valuable contributors to our community, our economy, and to our cities.

Through her work at Left Bank Co., Hahna brings insights into policy contexts, governance and management models, and operational realities across creative, cultural and night-time industries to help city makers challenge the status quo and position their projects for positive impact. Prior to Left Bank Co., Hahna was the General Manager of Sydney’s Golden Age Cinema, Studio Manager at Right Angle Studio and Design Manager at Studio Round. She has also worked with Craft Victoria, Art & About Sydney, Sydney Design Festival, Australian Design Alliance and Maker Space & Co