Jade Lillie

Jade has been working as an executive and leader in arts, culture, health, community and international development, education and training for the past 15 years.

She is a specialist in strategy, community and stakeholder engagement, facilitation, collaboration and partnerships, people and culture.

As an excellent communicator, strategic thinker, advocate and highly skilled partnership broker, she has worked in government and non-government settings in Australia and SE Asia.

Having completed a successful and high impact 5 years as Director and CEO with Footscray Community Arts Centre, she was awarded the prestigious Sidney Myer Creative Fellowship for 2018 – 2019.

As the Head of Sector Development at Australia Council for the Arts, she leads a high impact team to deliver strategic initiatives and leadership in capacity building, mobility and exchange and opportunities for the Australian arts and cultural sectors to be sustainable, vibrant, cohesive and impactful. She is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion.

A recognised leader and Kirk Robson Award recipient, Jade is passionate about ‘the big picture’, developing next generation cultural leaders, excellence in program design and tackling important social, cultural and political issues.

Jade aims to create spaces where intercultural and intergenerational diversity are reflected in the Australian workplace and strongly supports cultural leadership and change agendas for the arts and cultural landscape.

Read about Jade’s new book project, The Relationship is The Project at www.therelationshipistheproject.com

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