Jess Olvierri

Residing on Gadigal land and working on Dharawal, Jess Olivieri’s practice as an artist and curator sits at the nexus of visual art, performance, dance and theatre. Specific areas of interest include liveness in a digitally mediated world, the intersection of queer and feminist thinking, working models that address collaboration and contextually responsive curating. Jess is currently the curator of Contemporary Performance at Campbelltown Arts Centre, returning to Western Sydney after undertaking her undergraduate degree at University of Western Sydney. Jess has recently completed her PhD at Sydney Collage of the Arts.

Curatorial positions include Performance Space’s Nighttime program, PSI New York Going down – Australian Performance Practice, Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) Art Bar, Vitalstatistix Adhocracy residency and co-directorship of Firstdraft gallery. She has shown internationally in New York, The Netherlands and South Africa and nationally at Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA), National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) and the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane (GOMA).