Michelle Tabet

Michelle has married her passion for cities with her appreciation of culture to create Left Bank Co., a vehicle to create meaning and connection in urban places. Driven by the understanding that cities are so much more than meets the eye, Michelle has invested the past 10 years of her career in decoding urban systems and decision-making so that she can leave a lasting positive impact on the cities and projects she works on.

Michelle’s professional purpose is to create more meaningful cities. She does this by using the processes of urban planning to deliver concepts, buildings and institutions that are outside of business as usual. She achieves impact by helping urban leaders gain insight into how different communities, economies and sectors can deliver value to cities. Michelle is a champion of continual improvement in urban outcomes through innovative property models, design excellence and strategic placemaking.

Left Bank Co. is the culmination of Michelle’s dynamic career working with city-shaping organisations, establishing a business that has carved a niche in creating clarity of vision through engagement, research and urban communications. Prior to establishing Left Bank Co., Michelle worked in leadership roles for Lendlease, Right Angle Studio and Arup.