Monica Davidson

Monica  really does love encouraging creative people to develop their business skills and learn how to make money from self-employment, and thinks that the twinkly intersection of creative practice and business is inspiring. Through training, coaching and program development she has helped thousands of arts practitioners learn more about business which in turn has enabled them to become both creatively and economically self-sufficient.
Monica’s obsession with business and her professional work as a filmmaker and writer led me to start Creative Plus Business, a social enterprise dedicated to educating creative people and arts organisations about business skills. She helps through sharing practical knowledge in a fun and irreverent way, and everything we do is designed to help creatives to feel more confident and comfortable about the entrepreneurial aspects of their practice. We also like interpretive dance and will use it for educational purposes if necessary.
She  loves spending every day working with creative people and arts organisations, talking about all the ins and outs of business, and the fabulous weirdness that come with being a self-employed practitioner.