Rosie Lourde

A storyteller with a passion for community –  who loves digging into the heart of a narrative and finding how it ultimately encourages human connection.

Her first love is performing. “As a kid I was always dancing and acting, and as an adult, became professionally trained at both. Very quickly, however, I became frustrated at the limited roles and opportunities in both fields so I turned my attention to generating my own projects. I stepped into producing in early 2013 and now I’m focusing on writing & directing particularly in immersive media. The irony isn’t lost on me that while my drive is to encourage community I’ve been drawn to what is currently one of the most isolated means of storytelling. I believe, however, that the various mechanisms of immersion change our capacity to tell stories on the screen – they have the potential to magnify the emotional resonance of a story and, hopefully, deepen people’s connections both inside and out of the experiences.”