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    The Budget is out and a federal election imminent, so how do we as a community get arts and culture onto the political radar? The impacts of the pandemic are far from over for our sector, but the Budget plans to wind down COVID recovery initiatives. We continue to demonstrate the huge public value arts and culture bring to Australia, but that evidence and value continues to be misunderstood or ignored. After nearly a decade
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    The Writing and Society Research CentreCross-artform collaboration and its potential to foster new audiences and innovative practices for writers and storytellers. This is an extract from a seminar held at The Writing and Society Research Centre, WSU on August 13, which featured the writers and cross-disciplinary artists Marian Abboud, Felicity Castagna, Sheila Ngoc Pham and Emma Saunders. Words by Felicity Castagna In artistic disciplines such as the visual and performing arts collaborations between artists working
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    TheĀ Support Act Wellbeing HelplineĀ is a free, confidential phone counselling service, available 24/7 to anyone anywhere in Australia who works in the performing arts, or other creative industries. If you are looking for some ideas to help improve resilience or anxiety have a look at SAMAG’s past event, SAMAG Webinar: Finding resilience in the Arts in a time of uncertainty Our panel Dr Jackie Bailey, Dr Katherine Boydell, Lyn Worsley & Eugenie Lee as we