Be Careful What You Wish For: the pleasures, perils and pitfalls of success

This is a past event.

It can be difficult to make ends meet as a festival, organisation or artist, but we have some of the most exciting, innovative, successful festivals and events in the world, so how do they make it work? What should you do when, against all odds, your organisation starts to kick some goals? For this co-presented Vivid Ideas SAMAG discussion, we’re bringing together some of the country’s best festival directors, producers and curators who have seen their organisations reach a point of success and then thought ‘What next?’

This will be an inspiring, practical and interactive discussion about how festivals cope with the pressures of larger audiences, funding and logistics. Join us to discuss how to make the most of your successes, big and small, and what success really means for an arts org. We’ll get to the heart of how they balance their growth and their creative vision with the constant challenges of producing arts events in today’s climate. Is bigger always better? When should you pause and reflect? Can you evolve without moving away from the heart of your event? Can you curate your audience? And how do you make sure you grow in the right way?

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