Benvenuto! Australia at the Venice Biennale

This is a past event.

Benvenuto! Australia at the Venice Biennale

In the midst of the Venice Biennale’s 56th edition, Australian artist Fiona Hall will discuss her experiences at the Biennale, including her work ‘Wrong Way Time’, Australia’s new pavilion, the Emerging Curator programme and the most outstanding exhibitions from around the world.

Fiona’s work is described by the Australia Council as: ‘bringing together hundreds of disparate elements which find alignments and create tensions around three intersecting concerns: global politics, world finances and the environment. In common with many of us, Hall sees these as failed states, as ‘a minefield of madness, badness and sadness’ stretching beyond the foreseeable future. Hall’s lifelong passion for the natural environment can be felt intensely in works that respond to our persistent role in its demise, or to the perilous state of various species.’

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