Composing Cities: Art in Public Space

This is a past event.

Public Art is not what is used to be. As our public spaces and how we use them changes dramatically, so too does the way we engage with art in public space. In this seminar, hear from key people redefining public art from Sydney, Barangaroo and Western Sydney.

Join Sophie Forbat from Kaldor Public Art projects in conversation with Barbara Flynn, Curatorial Advisor, Barangaroo and City of Sydney,  Sarah Carrington from Futurecity, John O’Callaghan from JOC Consulting and Anne Loxley from the Museum of Contemporary Art and the City of Sydney’s Public Art Advisory Panel.

Global cities are increasingly marked by iconic big-budget public art, whilst more mobile and ephemeral art projects are being delivered in a diversity of public spaces. With increased urban development, large areas of our key centres are undergoing tremendous transformation. How do we ensure culture and communities remains at the core of these new public spaces?

From our cities to our regions and suburbs, public art has a key role to play within our diverse communities. Can public art be a call to action? Can it effect social change? And how can public art have a lasting and meaningful engagement with our communities?

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