Creative Minds: Transformative Artistic Directorship

This is a past event.

The arts in Australia is headed by Artistic Directors of varied credentials: those who have carved strong careers as practitioners, those who hit the Director circuit, jumping from festival to festival and those who join us temporarily from afar.

So who should be leading our arts organisations? What does it take to be an Artistic Director? And how do Artistic Directors strategise to ensure an organisation’s future?

Artistic Directors simultaneously navigate the past, present and future of an organisation. With a nod to the past, they deliver artistic programming and organisational leadership in the present, whilst also planning for the future to ensure the continued success and relevance of an organisation.

How do Artistic Directors deliver an inspired program whilst also being an inspiring leader? How do they ensure valuable outcomes for creatives as well as staff? And how do they plan for succession?

Hear about challenge, innovation and hands-on leadership from Sydney’s most inspiring Artistic Directors.

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