Disarming Sexism in the Arts: #Metoo, but what next?

This is a past event.

In the aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein charges, sexism across the arts and entertainment industry quickly rose to become one of the hottest topics of 2017. The #metoo campaign brought much needed focus to this important issue, which has received wide ranging coverage across the arts industry over recent months. Many of us have been engaging in discussions in small groups and online but the question remains, #metoo, but what next?

This seminar brought the arts community together to have this conversation in an interactive manner, offering everyone a voice and role in finding solutions for a collective way forward. Our speakers discussed a range of perspectives and stories, with calls to action and a focus on what future change can we create in 2018 to make the arts sector in Australia a safer, fairer place.

The first video follows short provocations from the speakers after which audience members joined facilitated break-out groups for further in-depth discussion into particular issues. The second video shows the outcomes from the individual groups.

Event Videos