Expert Exchange: Collaborative Giving

This is a past event.

Giving was once a private activity, now it is an increasingly social. Artists and small-to-medium organisations are adapting to a more collaborative and democratised form of giving. Through pooled funding, donors can share risk, learn together and drive greater impact. These funding pools can take the form of crowdfunding through events and online platforms, workplace giving programs or giving circles. The pool of donors is continually widening with more frequent, smaller donations being the common trend. However, as well as reaching new donors, it is important for creators to generate support for the long term.

Our panel discussed the characteristics of donors that utilise these collective platforms, including that of millennials and Gen-Xers so that small to medium organisations can pinpoint the most appropriate, tailored approach for them.

Panel included:
Tom Dawkins: CEO and Co-Founder:
Janne Ryan: Founder, ARROW Collective ARROW Collective
Mitzi Goldman: CEO Documentary Australia
Augusta Supple: Senior Manager, Engagement, Partnerships and Development, Create NSW

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