Expert Exchange: Philanthropy, more than the ask

This is a past event.

Philanthropic support within the creative sectors is increasingly crucial for the success and survival of many artists and small-medium size organisations. The combination of increasing costs to produce work and finite Government grant funding has meant philanthropy is more important than ever to a thriving sector. At the same time there has been considerable growth in philanthropy with a greater number of private individuals looking to channel their support to good causes.

This growth in the philanthropic sector is resulting in rapid evolution of how philanthropy is sought. Philanthropists are making data-informed decisions and are seeking more measurable outcomes. The onus is on artists, organisations and collectives to build more meaningful relationships with donors, and present opportunities where social impact is intrinsic. It really is about much more than the ask.

Panel included:

Louise Walsh: CEO Future Generation Investment Company
Pino Migliorino: Chair Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE)
Este Darin-Cooper: Director, Social Ventures Capital
Moderator: Augusta Supple, Senior Manager, Engagement, Partnerships and Development, Create NSW

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