The Future is Blak: First Nations People working in Arts Organisations

This is a past event.

First Nations representation in leadership positions in the arts has been a sector agenda for over a decade. Within our funding bodies, festivals, institutions, small to medium companies, universities and across the creative industries, First Peoples are making a significant impact in shifting the way we view the world.

From the ground up, how far have we really come?

As a sector have we made these pathways easier to navigate?

A panel of First Nations women and future leaders discuss what leadership means to them.

Charlotte Galleguillos (Head of Programs and Learning, Solid Ground)

– Jessyca Hutchens (Art Historian/ Academic, Oxford University/ Curatorial Assistant to Brook Andrew, Biennale of Sydney)
– Courtney Marsh (The Australian Museum)
– Coby Edgar (AGNSW)

Produced by SAMAG Committee Members Paschal Daantos Berry and Ebony Secombe

​Image description: The image is three separate photos. The first is of a smiling woman, Charlotte Galleguillos, seated on a stool with her legs crossed and hand resting on her knees. She has brown hair and is wearing a lilac t-shirt and white trousers. The second is a close up of a woman, Jessyca Hutchens, looking directly at the camera. She has brown hair and a side-swept fringe. She is wearing a black and white patterned dress with a tan cardigan.​​ The third is a photo of a woman with long brown hair, Courtney Marshall, sitting in the sun, in front of a body of water. She is smiling at the camera and wearing a light blue jacket over a black top.

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