Gender & Sexuality – A conversation about roles and intersections in the arts sector

This is a past event.


Following the Commonwealth Government’s announcement today, SAMAG has decided to postpone tomorrow night’s Gender and Sexuality in the Arts Sector event until there is more clarity about the risks regarding Covid-19 Virus.

We understand that most arts companies and arts workers are currently working around the clock on risk mitigation and business continuity planning and will have little capacity to fully engage with the event tomorrow night.

We also believe that this seminar topic is important and we want to present it in the most successful and safe way for our members and guests.

SAMAG is committed to presenting this seminar at a later date and we look forward to confirming the details with you ASAP.

Thankyou for your understanding and we wish all of our members and artistic community good health and solidarity at this very challenging time.


A panel of speakers will explore the changing landscape of gender and sexuality and how this is playing out in our cultural institutions. This event will address topics such as use of pronouns, and the Clear Expectation guidelines, challenges that people with non-binary gender face when navigating our arts sector, and how this intersects with the ongoing conversation about how culture, subculture and identity interrelate and evolve.
Venue: The Cell Block at The National Arts School