Surviving the Arts: Sharing our Lessons

This is a past event.

​The discourse around ‘millennial burnout culture’ has rarely discussed the difficulties young people face in building sustainable creative careers. More and more artists are sustaining serious practice by holding down a second job and balancing the demands of their art with the necessity of putting bread on the table. With a whole generation of Australian artists experiencing these difficulties, an understanding of the effects on their work will be essential to forming effective future arts policy.

SAMAG convened a group of young creatives at various stages of their careers to discuss the impact these challenges have had on their work. In a series of ‘true monologues’ from the artists, they will discuss how they balance personal wellbeing with the pressures of working in the arts.​

Panel included:
Evelyn Araluen Poet, teacher & researcher
Adam Porter Curator, Contemporary Visual Arts at Campbelltown Arts Centre
Jason Phu Visual Artist
Harry Winsome Actor & Theatre Maker
Jacinta Gregory Writer & Comedian

Event Videos