Transforming Organisation and Sector: Mapping the path forward

This is a past event.

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The global arts and culture sector is currently having a pivotal moment – looking to address long-term strategy, sustainability and growth. So what does this mean in Australia?  What are the questions we should be asking for our contexts?

Through this interactive workshop, SAMAG will build on the learning from their sector-wide survey to shed light on some important questions: What is transformation? Why transform? And how does the arts sector transform?

Since the onset of COVID-19, the arts and culture sector has had to transform to safeguard the livelihoods of its workers and key capabilities in our complex ecosystem. But beyond immediate needs, the pandemic has also highlighted a vital need for deep and lasting transformation to ensure a resilient, empowered sector.

The workshop will be a collective, collaborative mapping of the path forward; allowing us to understand the inventions needed, from those at individual level to our organisational responsibilities to build the sector we want.

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Information for delegates attending Remix about the online pre-session (part 1)

Transforming Organisation and Sector: SAMAG’s evolution post-pandemic

Pre-REMIX, join SAMAG online for an online session with Bianca Mulet of PatternmakersBen Grill, Founder of The Insights Grill, and longtime SAMAG Member Jacqueline Cosgrove to dissect, challenge and discuss what it takes for an organisation in the Australian arts sector to transform.

This session will set the scene for SAMAG’s event at REMIX on 8 June.

In our recent survey, SAMAG members and the sector emphasised the importance of listening to stakeholders and being open to new ideas. They highlighted the role of data in driving transformation and the need to embrace new approaches to stay relevant. However, the experts also emphasised the importance of maintaining sincerity and involving communities in the process of change.

It requires a genuine commitment to listening to stakeholders and involving communities in the process of change to ensure that the sector remains vibrant and relevant in the years to come, and SAMAG invites you to come on the journey with us.


Interactive Webinar: Transforming Organisation and Sector: SAMAG’s evolution post-pandemic
When: June 7th 2023 6.30pm – 7.30pm