Virtual Audiences: Digital Engagement with the Arts

This is a past event.

Friends, romans, countrymen lend me your… i-phones?

Digital technology is enabling arts organisations to reach beyond the theatre, gallery or concert hall in presenting their work to audiences as well as shifting the way audiences experience works in these spaces. The “virtual” space, once the far frontier of production and participation, has become an essential platform for audience engagement and experience. This seminar takes a moment to examine and evaluate the way that digital technology and virtual participation is being used and understood as part of the mission and mandate of arts organisations.

In discussion with ‘we are the Nest’s’ CEO, Stuart Buchanan, speakers Michael Parry, Alex Fraser-Cameron, Mish Sparks and Gabby Shaw will draw on their extensive experience to share their insights into creating and engaging with audiences in the virtual sphere and share their ambitions for virtual engagement into the future.