Who Loves Your Work? Understanding your audience.

This is a past event.

We all want to meet the needs of existing and potential audiences, but where does that journey begin?  ‘Audience Development’ is a term that sounds so straight forward but what does it really mean? SAMAG’s June seminar unpacks the complexities of getting to know the people who love what you do.

A panel of industry experts discuss how to better understand the people that support you now.  Through audience surveys and data analysis, the better you know your audience the easier to broaden your horizons.  This information impacts all aspects of your business, from marketing, commissioning, programming, and education to customer care and distribution.  Most importantly, it will help you grow new audiences into the future.

This seminar examines the relationship you develop with audiences over time. Different types of Audience Development activity are suitable for different types of organisations. Find out what practical steps you can take to improve the way you connect your art with the people you want to see it.

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